St.Augustine Guide App

St. Augustine Guide is a free travel guide and offline map application. You may use it to find audio-stories, curated locations, and the best activities in St. Augustine, Florida.

The app is aimed at keeping you entertained as well as informed and improve your overall travel experience. It utilizes GPS technology to show where you are and delivers stories and recommendations relevant to your location. Content is created with help from local guides and experts who know the city inside-and-out. They are continually working to keep the content up to date.


• DETAILED CITY MAP WITH LOCATIONS – Provides an easy way to determine your current location and get directions to a place you need.

• CURATED LIST OF IMPORTANT LOCATIONS – You can choose from more than 70 major attractions.

• LIST OF RECOMMENDED ACTIVITIES – Detailed description with photos of local museums, parks, guided tours, cafes, and other local experiences

• AUDIO GUIDED STORIES AND TOURS – You can explore the city at your own pace or even listen to stories remotely while on a train, plane, or in your hotel room.

• AVAILABLE ONLINE AND OFFLINE –All content is available for download. Once you have downloaded content, it will work offline so you don’t have to use mobile internet, which will extend the use of your battery and help to avoid paying roaming charges.

• SELECTION OF LANGUAGES – Useful travel information and descriptions of locations currently available in English, but we are working on providing several more languages.

Contact us at should you have any questions and suggestions or encounter any technical difficulties.